To create discount codes, go to Discounts Manager (Find it on the left sidebar). 

Discount Title : * Give a title to your discount

Discount Code : * This discount code is used by the users to apply for discount while purchasing tickets

Discount Amount : *

Enter the amount you want to provide as discount

Discount Type : *
Fixed Amount  Percentage

Fixed amount type will deduct the actual amount from the ticket. Percentage will deduct the percentage of the total from the ticket price.

Quantity : * This defines how many times the discount code can be used throughout the event

Start Date : * Calendar The discount code can be used only after the start date you set here

End Date : * Calendar The discount code can not be used after the end date you set here

Published :

Set to Yes to activate the discount code for usage

Select Tickets*

The discount code will be applied only for the selected tickets. Discount will be applied on the tickets separately. If tax is enabled then tax will be applied on the discounted amount of each ticket.

Apply this discount code for :

All users Members of this Conference / Event Group registration / Multiple Tickets Purchase

Users with selected Roles User who Registered between given Period User who selected option(s) of Field(s)