To update speaker profile

Go to Contacts > Settings to set up a deadline for speakers to update their profile

*This step is only required if you have not created the registration form for speakers already.

1. Go to Form builder to create a form for Speakers by clicking on Add New Form button. Enter a name for the form viz. Speaker Registration and select "Speaker" role from the dropdown. Click on Save.

2. Add custom fields for speakers in the newly-created speaker registration form - these fields would only be displayed to speakers when registering from the speaker registration form or updating their profile from their dashboard. You can also copy existing fields in a different registration form, to the speaker registration form.


  • Only mandatory fields are checked by the system for profile update. When all mandatory fields are filled, the system displays the Complete status for Update profile task. 
  • When the deadline is set for profile update, speakers can update their profile until that date. Once deadline is reached, the speaker fields in the profile become inactive.
  • System notifies admin whenever a speaker has updated their profile.

To upload final papers

Speakers/presenters can submit their final papers from their dashboard. 

1. Go to Submission Types and create a type called Final Presentation or anything you want to name it and set the start and end date for this submission type. See screenshot.

2. Go to Form builder > Abstract submission form and create a new file upload field if you want to allow speakers to upload files, and select the newly-created "Final presentation" submission type from the right section. Save the field. See screenshot.

Accepted presenters/speakers can now log in to their dashboard, go to My abstracts, click on the accepted abstract's title to edit the abstract and select the final presentation from the Submission type dropdown. This will reload the page to display the presentation file upload fields which are under this submission type.


  • System notifies admin whenever speaker updates the submission.

To allow speakers to add notes for sessions they are speaking at.

Go to Program builder > Settings to set deadline to allow speakers to add notes in sessions they're speaking at.


  • To add notes, speaker has to go to the tab "Sessions I'm speaking at" and click on a session to add notes. 
  • After the deadline is reached, speakers cannot add further notes. Every note submitted by the speaker is saved and displayed under that session in the program builder.
  • System notifies admin whenever there is a note submitted by a speaker.

To add tasks under Speaker's To-Do list.

Go to Tasks Manager and create these tasks for speakers. See the red-bordered button in the screenshot below.

1. Click on Add Task button

2. Enter task details

3. If you want to assign this task to all speakers, then select Assign to usertype (from under the Assign to dropdown) and select the "Speaker" role from the dropdown.

4. If you want to assign this task to some selected contacts only, select Assign to users and search and select users to whom you want to assign this task.

5. To send a notification about this task to all speakers or selected individuals, click on Notify users button.

Speakers can access their To-Do list from under their dashboard. Here's a screenshot:

Here's a screenshot of how the To-Do list looks like to the logged-in speaker.


  • Currently, after completing a task, speakers have to mark it done their own. Tasks are not marked done automatically. 

See the video tutorial: